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In partnership with Provence Capital, 100% of the money donated through Expert Drones will go to the African Eye Project to help protect endangered elephants and rhinos from poachers. 

PROBLEM. Poaching African wildlife.

Poachers kill almost 100 elephants every day for their ivory and they are becoming increasingly better armed, funded and supported. They are also killing rhino’s at a similar pace. On the African continent alone, more elephants are being killed each month than are being born. This threatens the survival of the animals and the tourism trade that anchors local economies in East Africa. These animals are especially during vulnerable night hours, when poachers operate under the cover of darkness and often near borders of the vast park ranges. Conservancies and wildlife protection forces have utilized various monitoring, rapid response forces and communication networks but a lack of capability and limited technology means that 2/3 of elephant poaching incidents still occur during the hours of 5:30pm – 8am. This has devastating near and long-term effects on the elephant herd population and greater animal and environmental ecosystem, jeopardizing the multi-million-dollar tourism industry.

Furthermore, current anti-poaching methods and technology have helped in the short term but with the capabilities and infusion of capital has allowed poachers to operate unscathed from security forces in the region. The vast terrain wildlife reserves such as Kenya and Tanzania allow the poachers to spread out, making them difficult to “see” on approach over broad areas and security elements lack any sustained ability to track them back to the dealers who hire them to kill their local wildlife. These dealers are at the heart of the trade and often operate with impunity, as there is a lack of resources to coordination this activity across a large geography. If more effective methods are not put in place quickly these herds will die off, killing off this key sector of the economy, leaving a large revenue gap and hundreds of thousands of people out of work. This problem, if not addressed, will result in these creatures being lost forever.

MISSION. Use drones to enhance security.

To acquire and deploy a commercial grade UAV capability to significantly enhance the protection of African Elephants, Rhino’s and marine fisheries  by reducing things like the elephant PIKE numbers (Proportion of Illegally Killed Elephants) by 15% in Year 1, 25% in Year 2 and 50% in Year 3 while building consumer awareness and education for wildlife conservation. This effort will bring together governments, conservation groups and the private sector to support this  

OPPORTUNITY. Save wildlife.

A sophisticated and integrated platform with the ability to broadly and specifically target these susceptible hours and locations and integrate with existing methods can significantly reduce poaching and ensure the survival of the African Elephant species.  With less than 35,000 elephants remaining in Kenya and only 500,000 worldwide, conservationists are looking to adopt and deploy advanced technology as the solution. Provence Capital's team lead by seasoned anti-terrorism experts coupled with locals has the ability to design and implement a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, aka “drones”) universal anti-poaching and wildlife monitoring system throughout conservancies and parks where the terrain and environment is ideal.


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