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Expert Drones™ Announces Drone Franchise and Partnership Opportunities; New Full-Service Drone Store to Open in Rochester, NY

A highly-anticipated partnership program was unveiled for entrepreneurs looking to own a piece of the multi-billion-dollar drone industry. A new full-service drone retail and drone repair store will be the first to open in Rochester, NY serving drone customers in the Northeast.

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Expert Drones Racers Take to the Air for Baltimore Drone Prix

April 3rd 2017 was the inaugural Baltimore Drone Prix, where racers with pre-made quad-copters piloted their units wearing first-person view goggles. They fly as fast as possible around a small track -- and it's just like NASCAR, but in the air, according to the co-founder of a drone racing company.


Expert Drones Mentioned in LifeZette's Article: The Best Drones for Families

Recreational 'flying' is on the rise for kids of all ages — here's what you need to know. In the market for a drone? You’re in very good company. Consumers across the globe bought 4.3 million civilian drones last year, with 35 percent of sales occurring in the United States, according to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a marketing and investment firm.