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Advertising Drones Deliver - Inside Unmanned Systems

Expert Drones devised a drone cocktail bar for Pepsi that mixed and delivered drinks at the grand opening of the SLS Brickell luxury hotel in downtown Miami in 2016...(Expert Drones uses) drones to promote brands at events....working with massive companies—Marriott, Vonage, Pepsi, Renaissance Hotels, Mountain Dew and others. 


Expert Drones™ Announces Drone Franchise and Partnership Opportunities; New Full-Service Drone Store to Open in Rochester, NY

A highly-anticipated partnership program was unveiled for entrepreneurs looking to own a piece of the multi-billion-dollar drone industry. A new full-service drone retail and drone repair store will be the first to open in Rochester, NY serving drone customers in the Northeast.

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Expert Drones Racers Take to the Air for Baltimore Drone Prix

April 3rd 2017 was the inaugural Baltimore Drone Prix, where racers with pre-made quad-copters piloted their units wearing first-person view goggles. They fly as fast as possible around a small track -- and it's just like NASCAR, but in the air, according to the co-founder of a drone racing company.


Expert Drones Mentioned in LifeZette's Article: The Best Drones for Families

Recreational 'flying' is on the rise for kids of all ages — here's what you need to know. In the market for a drone? You’re in very good company. Consumers across the globe bought 4.3 million civilian drones last year, with 35 percent of sales occurring in the United States, according to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a marketing and investment firm.